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Dog Grooming

Services & Pricing

Pricing varies according to service, type of haircut, type of coat, behaviour, age, weight/size and condition of coat. 

The health and welfare of your pet is our first concern and we will always choose humanity before vanity.

Prices start at


xsmall $75+

small $85+

medium $100+

large $130+

xlarge $150+

Hand Scissor ( 1 inch and up)  

$70-$80+ per hour

Breed Standard Clip

Please contact for a quote 

Double Coat

$65-$85+ per hour

*Puppy's will have a sliding scale price as they grow

Dog Getting Groomed

Full Groom

Bath · Blow Dry · Brush Out  

Full Body Hair Cut · Nail Clip

Ears Cleaned/Plucked

By appointment only

Prices start at

xsmall $60+

small $70+

medium $85+

large $115+

xlarge $130+

Double Coat

$60-$80+ per hour

Trimming the Fur

Bath & Trim

Bath · Blow Dry · Brush Out

Trimming of Face, Feet & Sanitary

Nail Clip · Ears Cleaned/Plucked


By appointment only

12 lbs -40 lbs $40

41 lbs- 70 lbs $45

71 lbs-90+ lbs $50

This service requires dog to be relatively clean, dry and knot/tangle/mat free

Dog Therapy

Mini Groom

Trimming of Brow/Visor ·  Shaved Paw Pads · Sanitary Shave

 Nail Clipping


By appointment only

Trimming of Brow/Visor ·  Shaved Paw Pads · Sanitary Shave · Nail Clipping


 By appointment only

Nail Clipping $20

Nail Dremel $25

 Brow/Visor/Eye Trim $5

*Shaved Paw Pads $6-$8

*Paw Trim $6-$8

Sanitary Trim $6

*Paw & Pads $10-$12

*Paw, Pads & Nails $18-$22

*Paw trims require clean, dry feet at time of walk-in

Nail Clip


· Nail Clipping/Dremel

· Brow/Visor/Eye Trim

· Shaved Paw Pads

· Feet Trim

· Sanitary Trim

 Medicated Shampoo $4

Nagayu Treatments $10-20

Hydrating Mask treatments $5-10

Creative Grooming with Colouring - please contact for a quote

Dog Wash


· Medicated Shampoo

· Luxury Conditioner

· Teeth Brushing

· Creative Groom with Colouring

Introduction to grooming at

4-6 months old

A positive first experience for puppies is a huge benefit for dogs that will need grooming their whole life. We take things super slow and show them how everything works and feels. We want to create a lasting first impression that will keep their tails wagging every time they see their groomer!

$50 Small

$60 Medium

$70 Large


Puppy Package

Bath · Blow Dry · Brush-Out 

Trimming the Face, Feet and Sanitary

Nails Clipped · Ears Cleaned 

By appointment only

Prices start at

Under 16lbs

Full groom short $90+

Full groom long $95+

Lion Cut $100+

Comb Cut $110+

Nails $20

Over 16lbs + $5 - $10

Additional fee's include de-matting,

de-shedding, pelt removal and behavior


A La Carte Services

Small Sanitary Trim $10

Full Sanitary Trim $15

Half Belly Shave $20 (includes sani)

Full Belly Shave $25 (includes sani)

Toe Tuff $10

Soft Paws $30-40

Breed Specific Face Trim $10

Green Eyed Cat


Nail Clipping $15

Brush-Out $25

Nail Clipping, Brush-Out & Ear Cleaning $40

Prices will very depending on the size of the bunny

Cute Bunny

Small Animals



Guinea Pigs

Brushing the Fur

Bath & Brush

Bath · Blow Dry · Brush Out

Nail Clipping · Ears Cleaned/Plucked

By appointment only

Prices start at

xsmall $50+

small $60+

medium $70+

large $90+

xlarge $110+

Double Coat

$55-$75+ per hour

Sizes by weight

xsmall  8 lbs & under · small 9 lbs-16 lbs · medium 17 lbs-35 lbs · large 36 lbs - 59 lbs · xlarge 60 lbs & above

Prices are subject to change according to groomer's discretion.

All prices are a starting point based on circumstance.

Additional fees will incur with de-matting, impacted and pelted coats. 

Additional Fees

De-Matting $20-$30 + per half hour

Coat Pelt $25-$45 + depending on severity and time to remove

Impacted Coat $20-30 + per half hour


De-matting a coat will depend on the condition of the coat. We will only de-mat areas that are safe and humane.

Matting refers to dogs that have excessive tangles, clumping and knots of hair and coat. It is commonly found on ears, armpits and tails but is not limited to those areas. Every area of the dog has the potential to have matting. De-matting can be a very uncomfortable and potentially painful experience for the animal. We recommend that if the mats are too tight to the skin and cannot be brushed out, shaving is the only safe and humane option. Extreme matting cuts circulation off to the skin. When the mat is released and the skin is able to breathe again there is a risk that the skin could form a bruise or hematoma. There is a higher risk of nicks and cuts because skin is potentially pulled too tight by the mat. Other skin irritations can occur under shaving mats, revealing sores, scabs and dry skin. This process is extremely delicate and requires immense skill.

Coat pelt refers to an animal that is entirely encased in matting. The animal will require shaving underneath the matting to relieve the coat humanely. This requires the coat to be shaved pre-bath which puts groomer's blades and clippers through a dirty coat. Dirty coats put more strain on tools and can easily ruin blades quickly. This process requires a lot of knowledge in dog anatomy and the ability to safely remove the pelting.   

Impacted coat is found in double coated breeds that have heavy seasonal molting. It is the soft and dense fur that peeks through the longer guard hairs of the top coat. When the coat is not brushed regularly it becomes impacted and matted which prevents air from being able to move between the dog's topcoat and their skin. Heavy impaction requires double or even triple the amount of work and skill to get the coat healthy and functioning again. 



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